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I am the sun that fills you with warmth and stays with you, til you feel the spark that lights your path to enriching all life around you.
Soul Retrieval - a journey to prep
11:41pm Sep 21/17
Whoa, things are still happening! I need to tell you about it.In preparation of a Soul Retrieval I am to do today, I journeyed this morning. I do this for all my clients as I have found the healing th...

Soul Retrieval - a journey to prep

Shamanic Extraction * new service*
4:18pm Sep 5/17
What is a Shamanic Extraction?Shamans work with the spirit or the soul and they work with energy. In the case of shamanic extraction they are working with misplaced energy. No energy is truly bad from...

Shamanic Extraction * new service*
Shamanic Healing
Linda is a Reiki and Shamanic Healing practitioner practicing in the Toronto area. She brings a pure and clear energy to her work with an intention to relate to her clients on a personal level to..
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A wholistic healing tool for directing natural life energy for use at any time and any place for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and quick energy. ..
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Linda offers inspiration, writing prompts and gentle nudging to support you (the writer - published or unpublished, dabblers, journalers, etc.) in the unleashing your creativity. Linda is currently wo..
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About Me

I believe emotions, like anxiety and unprocessed life experiences, get trapped in the body and held in the nervous system. With every experience of release through energy healing, we create openings in our bodies that will help us be at our fullest potential in each moment. 

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Treat yourself or a friend or a loved one to a Reiki Energy Healing session or a private/semi-private yoga class!  Go to "SERVICES" to purchase a session! Packages are also available. Please inquire. 

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